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Expert Republic is an on-demand video consultation app that allows anyone to book a 1-1 video session with one of our professional Experts to learn, solve and improve.
Our Story
How it all started was when we saw the difficulties our friends were going through in the consulting, fitness, coaching, and psychology industries to continue their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. On a gloomy late-night in April, pondering about the effects of the pandemic on business, we took a step forward into building an app to solve this particular problem. We always wanted to build things that actually help people and we couldn’t sit back this time when we saw an opportunity.
That's when we got the opportunity to participate in The Global Hack - Fighting a Global Crisis 2020, hoping to validate the idea and got selected as the winner of Work Track after hustling for 48 hours which brought our 1st prototype to life.
Serw was later rebranded as Expert Republic - reflecting the community that we are building through “Republic” and highlighting the ones who are integral to this community “Expert”.
We believe Expert Republic will be the modern platform where business happens digitally for the decades to come.
Our story
Our vision
Our Vision
Our goal is to help professionals do seamless 1-1 video consultations with customers while getting paid without any friction. We want to build a community of experts worldwide providing a range of useful services to our users. We're striving to build a community where experts do business the modern way, borderless and digital.
What We Do?
Expert Republic allows customers to browse Experts in diverse industries, search through all Experts from many categories and make a booking. After the booking is placed, the Expert will start the video call. Once the session is done, the customer can leave ratings and reviews to help the ecosystem.
What we do
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